A beneficial design lab for future-positive digital products.

We develop digital products which attempt to address challenges in clean energy, electric vehicle adoption, digital wellbeing and healthcare

We believe beneficial, functional design can also be beautiful, desirable, funny, playful and joyful to enable deeper, long term engagement

We work on collaborative projects with doctors, researchers, scientists and engineers

This design lab was formed in 2019 by Matt Pyke, founder of Universal Everything


About Matt Pyke

I’ve always been a techno-optimist, following future-positive innovations and actions that benefit the entire planet. An early adopter of electric vehicles, funder of Kiva.org, Solar-Aid and Give Directly

Our studio is powered by solar panels and 100% renewable energy.

As the founder of Universal Everything in 2004, we were early pioneers of the remote working design studio, enabling international collaborations with minimal air travel.

Through my work as creative director of UE, I saw an opportunity to repurpose our collective thinking and skillsets to invent beneficial, engaging digital products and experiences which attempt to address some of our world’s challenges.