Beneficial things we love

A speaker you subscribe to

Oda is a beautifully crafted wooden speaker & subscription to receive exclusive sound performances

All The World's Water

An elegant, literal method to visualise our limited resources


With the ethos 'dispensing music as medicine', the MediMusic app uses immersive sound tailored to each patient to help reduce pain and anxiety.

An immersive meditation experience

A public immersive space for shared mindfulness, designed by Sebastian Kite

VRX Book

A visionary book based on firsthand medical experience. How immersive VR can be used to distract a patients sensory experience to help with anticipatory anxiety, understanding of medical procedures and healing.

Organ Donation X Snapchat Lens

Engaging Snapchat users in vital discussions about organ donation

Dollar Street website

A crowdsourced gallery showing the contrast in everyday items from rich to poor. An essential, insightful tool to expand our worldviews.      

Murakami × Children’s Hospital

Artist Takashi Murakami’s joyful adornment of a CT scanner at a children’s hospital

Xcient Hydrogen Truck

Zero-emission long-range haulage, powered by Hyundai Motor's hydrogen technology

Dreamlab app

An app which uses smartphone downtime to create a mass network of grid computing to process research into COVID-19 and cancer

The Inevitable

A future-optimistic book about our positive future. By following growth trajectories, we can assume technology improvements which may benefit all.    

Warming Stripes

Bold undeniable visual evidence of climate change. Created by climate scientist Ed Hawkins


A perfect solution to navigating to any square metre on this planet

Little Sun

A solar light to enable continuing work and education in regions with no access to power, whilst reducing use of harmful kerosene lamps. Developed by the artist Olafur Eliasson

Specialized Turbo Vado SL

Due to the miniaturisation of the motor and battery, its hard to perceive this is an E-Bike

Honda E

Simple, solid Japanese design, subtle smart assist features and an advantageous turning circle.